These pictures are shared with you in confidence and should not be shown to or shared with anyone else   This is important, please.

These two pictures show the before on the left
and the upper lids and neck being done in a relaxed non-smiling view in the one on the right.

Though the neck looks nice and smooth and the upper lids are done, we must ask just how much improvement there is by doing those two things.

Many doctors would say these eyelids were very well done and that the result is as good as possible.

If the eyes are less done, the look in these pictures could be the result .

There are many variations of possible results. And that is a good reason to do drawings. The drawings show some of the possibilities.

Occasionally we do dozens of drawings both for the benfit of the patient and also to find what is best to do.

If there are no drawings, which is almost equal to no planning, neither the patient or doctor really know what the result will be.

With drawings, the patient chooses the goal. The drawing chosen should be the most beautiful.




d  d

These two are the same as those above but smiling.

In the picture on the right the same surgery as above is done with the neck and upper lids, without the lower lids.

It is best if we can, to do a litle at a time rather than committing to something like the whole face. It may require many more visits, but still could be the best choice.

It is also good to make it as convenient as possible.



Here is a profile with neck and upper lids.




"What can you do for me?" is a common question we are asked and the pictures and drawings show better than any words can describe.

There are many more reasons we do drawings as is explained in pictures and text on the web site at these links -

http://wrmorganmd.org/Photographs/Face/Face_1A.html and http://wrmorganmd.org/Index%20of%20Information/Drawings.html

These two pictures show the before on the left
and much more being done to the face in a relaxed view with a pleasant expression.


d c

Everyone looks better with a smile. So here is before and after smiling.

This is the look I would choose. And as can be seen, there is very little change in the upper lids.

This result is inspired by the picture below in black and white taken some years ago.


4741LP neckeyes 4741LP neckface Profile with face, neck and everything, including ear lobes.


This picture of her in the early twenties was an inspiration and should be our goal.

Most of us want to look the best we can.

This page and pictures are only for you to see.

They are to help us understand how many procedures are required with at least two surgeries requiring all day each day and probably another day of surgery to do the finest work.

Since the face in this picture could not be more attractive, it might not be wise to have any other goal. To move in this direction would look better but not different,

The pictures on our web site show that this pretty much can all be done.

Thank you very much for sending this very nice lady to me . We enjoyed meeting her and Mr. Keenan. It takes a long time and lots of experience and knowledge to understand all this. It can be very important.

My favorite place to shop is the 99cent store. And I would not be in any hurry to jump into something so involved and expensive as this.

We should always do what is best for the patient, and only that:  no more and no less.
Gaining this information is in that line. It can help to decide what to do or perhaps best, do nothing at all.

It is good to see all the doctors we can and especially compare their results The internet is helpful for that.

Speaking with the other patients one encounters and seeing their results can be much better than just seeing the doctor or the doctor's staff. There should be honesty and humility in communication and no salesmanship, with showing and telling only the unvarnished truth.

Important considerations are Safety, Health, Comfort, a Painless Rapid Recovery, and a Permanent, Unsurpassably Beautiful Result with No Scars or Signs of surgery such a Pulled or Unnatural Look.

Below is a link to average fees that are available on the web, and shown in the right colunm costs that might be considered.



  Surgical Procedures National Ave
1 Cosmetic consultation (initial visit) $50 - $100  
2 Eyelid Surgery (Four lid blepharoplasty) $3,850 - $7,000 $6,000 upper and lower lids
3 Eyelid Surgery (lower eyelid blepharoplasty) $2,550 - $5,500  
4 Eyelid Surgery (upper eyelid blepharoplasty) $2,150 - $6,500  
5 Oriental Eyelids $4,500 - $5,000  
6 Brow lift with four eyelid blepharyplasty $5,350  
7 Brow lift with lower eyelid blepharoplasty $5,200  
8 Brow lift with upper mid face $4,100  
9 Cheek implants $1,500 - $4,500  
10 Deep Chemical Peel $3,500 - $5,000 $4,000, (is done in stages)
11 Chemical Peel (full face) $706 - $2,500.00   
12 Chemical Peel peri-oral (around the mouth) $500.00 (300.00 following facelift)  
13 Glycolic Acid Peel (series of 5) $1,500  
14 Medium Peel $1,500 - $2,500  
15 Micro Peel $60 - $100  
16 Direct excision of nasolabial creases $1,175  
17 Direct neck skin excision with liposuction $3,500  
18 Direct neck skin excision without liposuction $2,450  
19 Neck Contouring (liposuction): Fat cells are removed from neck for contour. $1,000 - $4,000 $3,000.00
20 Neck lift $5,500 $5,000.00
21 Ear Pinning (one side) $5,000  
22 Ear Pinning (two sides) $7,000 - $8,000  
23 Ear Surgery (otoplasty) $2,900 - $3,800 & up $2,000.00
24 Earlobe Repair $450 (one ear)  
25 Torn earlobe repair – 1 earlobe $260  
26 Torn earlobe repair – 2 earlobes $360  
27 Facelift $6,000- $12,500 $12,000.00
28 Facelift including neck $7,000  
29 Facelift including neck w/ 4 eyelid blepharoplasty $7,650  
30 Facelift w/brow lift (subcutaneous anterior hairline) $7,600 - $7,950 w/ lower lid redraping  
31 Facelift, mid face only no neck $4,700  
32 Forehead lift $2,400 - $5,200 $5,000.00
33 Liposuction (chin and neck) $2,900 jncluded at no charge
34 Liposuction $2,223 - $10,000  
35 Liposuction (fat reduction): Fat is suctioned from thighs, hips, abdomen, knees, face & under chin. $1,500 - $10,000  
36 Mouth area wrinkle removal by laser. $1,000  
37 Lip lift (direct excision upper and lower) $1,500 $1,000.00
38 Lip lift (direct excision upper or lower) $1,000  
39 Nose Correction: Length and shape of nose are remodeled to conform to proportions of the face. $2,000 - $6,000 $5,000.00
40 Nose surgery with septum (septorhinoplasty) $5,500  
41 Rhinoplasty (nose job) $3,332 - $12,000  
42 Removal of facial spider veins with electrocautery $375 - 600 depending on area size  
43 Scar Revision $400 and up  
44 Sclerotherapy $354  
    \\Ser2\shareddocs\files ser2\forms\Fees\Procedures_StdRateSheet_WRM.xls
  Surgical Procedures National Ave
45 Perlane (per syringe) $700/ $1,350/ $2,000  
46 Juvederm $450  
47 Juvederm (per syringe) $650/ $1,250/ $1,825  
48 Collagen Injection (Juvederm) $850 syringe  
49 Collagen Injection (Radiesse) $1,150 syringe  
50 Collagen, human $475  
51 Poly-L-Lactic acid (Sculptra) $940  
52 Polymethyl methacrylate (Artecoll, Artefill) $1,099  
53 Radiesse (per syringe) $1,000/ $1,725  
54 Restylane (per syringe) $600/ $1,150/ $1,725    
55 Sculptra (per vial) $800/ $1600  
56 Soft tissue fillers: autologous fat $1,700  
57 Lip augmentation (other than injectable materials) $1,683 - $2,000  
58 Lip Implants $300 - $5,000 $2,000.00
59 Breast augmentation $3,248 - $7,950  
60 Breast Augmentation (saline) $4,000 - $6,500  
61 Breast Augmentation(silicone) $5,000 - $8,000  
62 Breast implant(s) removal $2,288  
63 Breast lift $4,207 - $7,000 & up  
64 Breast Reduction cosmetic or if insurance exclusion $6,950 - $10,000  
65 Removal of Implants and Re-augmentation $7,000 & up Total $43,000.00


Our discount
with or without Nose
If allowed to use pictures
We can do for Total


It requires two surgeries and maybe more