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William Roy Morgan M.D., F.A.C.S.

1419 Superior Avenue, Suite 2

Newport Beach CA 92663

Phone 949-645-6665



Map and directions to our office are provided below. The point of origin is from the Orange County Airport (John Wayne).

Also shown is the route from the 405 freeway to our office.  Please go to https://www.google.com/maps for more details.

Please call us for assistance if needed.

From the 405 Fwy

Directions to our office 1419 Superior Avenue



Turn LEFT to take the CA-55 SOUTH ramp.



Merge onto CA-55 S.



Exit the freeway when it ends in NEWPORT BLVD



Merge onto NEWPORT BLVD/CA-55 S.



Merge onto NEWPORT BLVD/CA-55 S.



Turn Right on Hospital Road



Go two blocks West to Superior Avenue where Hospital Rd. ends


8.  Do not turn right or left on Superior.  
9. Go straight across Superior into our parking lot.  

Narrative explanation of  the above directions:

From the 405 Freeway

  1. From the 405 Freeway take the 55 Freeway off ramp going south toward the ocean. 

  2. Follow the 55 Freeway to Hospital Road. 

  3. Keep heading  South on the 55 Freeway. The 55 continues on as or becomes  Newport Blvd.

  4. Newport Blvd. goes to Hospital Road, where there is a street light.

  5. Turn right on Hospital Road and go two blocks (two street lights).

  6. After two blocks Hospital Road ends in Superior.

  7. At the junction of Hospital Road and Superior, turn neither right nor left; stay in the middle lane (there are three lanes).

  8. Cross Superior directly into the parking lot of our building.

  9. The name on the front of our building is the "Superior Walk-In Medical Clinic". 

  10. Drive into the parking lot and park close to the front.

  11. Our office is Suite number  two (#2 ). 


From the Orange County Airport - John Wayne Airport   - SNA



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