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Considerations and Risks of Cosmetic Surgery  


1.     Cosmetic surgery often does not make people happy or happier.

2.     Assurance cannot be given that surgery will make a person feel good about him/herself.

3.     It often does not enhance a personís self esteem, even when the surgery is successful.

4.     It may not make a person happy or happier.

5.     The satisfaction of any person with what is done cannot be guaranteed.

6.     It cannot be promised that anyone will be pleased with or like the result.

7.     It cannot be promised that anyone will be happy with the result.

8.     It cannot be promised that the result will be good, adequate, satisfactory or acceptable.

9.     Persons who choose to have cosmetic surgery want to improve their appearance.

10. Persons having it want to look better.

11. After cosmetic surgery, most persons still want to look better.

12. After cosmetic surgery, many persons still want to improve their appearance.

13. Anyone can like or dislike anything, any person, any appearance, any feeling, or result.

14. Never does anyone look exactly like the goal drawings or any preconceived idea or concept.

15. Symmetry is not possible.

16. No two snowflakes that have ever fallen have been alike.

17. There are no two things alike in the universe. No two grains of sand. No two leaves.

18. Absolutes such as perfect, straight, equal, alike,  the same, etc. are not possible.

19. Nothing is permanent.

20. Everything changes.

21. All things are temporary.

22. All people have problems.

23. All people have problems with their surgery.

24. Not all things can be fixed.

25. Not all problems can be solved.

26. There are always imperfections.

27. Frequently things can look good and not feel good.

28. In cosmetic surgery the goal is the appearance, and not how it feels.

29. Cosmetic surgery has many risks that the patient must be willing to take.

30. Imperfections and displeasing results are expected in every case.

31. Depression is very common in persons who decide to have cosmetic surgery.

32. Depression occurs in most persons after cosmetic surgery.

33. A person looks worse after cosmetic surgery than they did before, at least temporarily.

34. Looking worse is due to bruising, swelling, distortion and mostly temporary factors.

35. Looking worse is depressing.

36. The depression following cosmetic surgery can be serious, long lasting, and require treatment.

37. Michelangelo didnít paint the ceiling because he liked the pope.

38. The subject of the Mona Lisa evidently didnít like her portrait.

39. Looking at a pyramid from the top, the height is indeterminate.


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