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We will be doing computer imaging of the face on the first visit. You will be given a copy of the computer drawings of both front and side views.  Regular film photographs may be taken for future study, and on a subsequent visit a copy of the prints will be given to you. On the first appointment we will try to describe all of the alternatives that are available from which you may choose. We will show what can be done to improve the appearance by showing how good the face can be made to look.  

We will show how the most excellent possible result and the best possible appearance can be pre- determined with the following four methods: 

1.Digital drawings, done with a computer. 

2.Comparison with other faces, including before and after pictures. 

3. Self-evaluation in front of a mirror.  

4. Photographic analysis and sketching on photocopies. We all want to look our best. To find out if we can really look better, we need to see what can be done. This is shown in the drawings as well as in the mirror. 


There are two tremendous advantages to the drawings:

1. You will be given a Choice of what is to be done and what the final appearance is to be. You may even design for yourself the final appearance.  Without the different drawings showing different alternatives, the only choice is whether or not to have surgery. There is no objective goal. Without drawings, the alternatives  have not been considered. We will do many drawings in order to show various possibilities.  

2. You will have some Knowledge of the final appearance. You will see in advance what can be done. This means that before you choose to do the surgery, you can determine what the outcome is to be from the drawings. 

The drawings (see Drawings), all of which are taken home, allow further study and consultation with others as to the attractiveness of the result each portrays. 

The multiple drawings are each a little different from one another. Some may choose one and other persons a different one. It is best to get all the opinions of trusted close friends and loving and caring relatives before the decision is made, rather than after.  The result may come very close to the chosen drawing. The result can be about as permanent as the person. Therefore, it is very important that the result is preplanned. If the drawings show how the person is going to look for the rest of their lives, they are more important than any garments, hairstyle, cosmetics or any other type of grooming (see The Result).

The important choices need not be made alone. We give you our guidance and our opinions of what is most attractive and what may be best. The drawings can be taken for consulting with friends, family, or professionals whose judgments and tastes you trust. In other words, look at  the pictures of your face and all the drawings. Then give them some time and study before deciding what is best-looking and what you should choose.

We are searching for what looks best and is most beautiful. What is the most attractive we can be? This is the question we seek to answer. And you are the final judge. You choose what looks best to you. Also, you may participate in the drawing and designing as much as you like.

 No one really wants to have surgery. What we want is to look the best we can. We want the best possible, most attractive result with the least amount of surgery, injury, discomfort, time-off, and other costs.

 To determine if cosmetic surgery would be worthwhile or if cosmetic surgery would be good for you, here are six steps that we can help you take:

1.  See what can be done.

2.  Select what looks good enough for consideration.

3. Understand the requirements for each drawing selection.

4.  Choose a Goal from many drawings.

5. See results of others to observe what has been accomplished

6. See what the typical recovery time and appearance are.

After seeing the alternatives (drawings) that we will show, the second step is to select those drawings that appear most desirable to the patient. 

To be able to make an informed and wise judgment about whether or not we want to have surgery to achieve a certain goal, we need to know if it can be done. 

If something can be done, the before and after pictures will show this fact more clearly than any words. If you do not see excellent results when looking at the before and after photos, then you should be very leery of any verbal assurances.  Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. The results you see are the best prediction of the result you will have.

In other words, see if it can be done by seeing if it has been done.  If it has not been done and the surgeon cannot show you any excellent results of cases similar to what you want to accomplish, you should not believe it can be done. 

You will also want to see how close to the drawings we can come with the result of surgery.  This can be determined in a factual way by picking one or more sets of before and after photos, and asking to see the drawings. Then you may compare to see how close to the drawings we were able to come with the surgery.

The best result can be chosen as the goal without knowing what is required to achieve it.  By looking at before and after pictures of what other people have had done, you can see what is pos­sible. 

For each different goal that may be chosen, the experience of obtaining it may be different.  

The different experiences to be expected with each different goal is to be explained and understood as clearly as possible so that you can make the wisest choice of the result that will be most fitting to your needs and with which you will be most pleased.  This means providing you with a lot of in­formation, and it will be our pleasure to do this for you. 

Now we need to know what the experience would be to obtain this improvement in ap­pearance and what all the ill effects could be. We can imagine the good effects from an improve­ment in appearance, but what is it like to go through the recovery? What will we feel like? How much time is needed to recover? What problems could occur? What assurances can we have that we will be pleased? What have the experiences of others been who have had similar work done? We have pictures of patients taken every day after surgery that show what it is like to go through the recovery process. Also, we hope that during your initial visits to our office, we are able to introduce you to our patients who have had surgery and are at various stages in their recovery. This way you can ask them questions and feel more prepared for the steps ahead of you if you decide to have surgery.

It is as if we were going on a trip or to climb a mountain. Once a goal has been selected, we have determined where we are going or which mountain we are to climb, so we can describe what the trip will be like and a person can decide if it is worth it to go or if they want to do it. And if they choose to go, they can be prepared.

We want to search for those alternatives that provide the most improvement in ap­pearance with the least change.  We want to find for each person the best possible result with the least amount of surgery. 

Cosmetic surgery can be a major consideration with permanent effects.  At stake is not only the appearance but also the person's health and comfort, as well as considerable costs in time and money.  Each of the procedures that we do is custom designed to safely and comfortably provide maximum benefit with the least cost. 

Before making decisions, it is best to have a thorough understanding of all of the information that can be obtained.  To be able to choose what fits our needs, we should find out all of the dif­ferences in price and quality and know as much as we can about what we are going to get. 

Obtaining all of this information usually takes some time.  A poorly planned result from cosmetic surgery can be very disappointing, and a very good result can be a joy forever.  What each of us needs to do to get the best result can be summarized as "careful shopping".

We take it very seriously that each person has the best possible result. Still, it should be fun. Like going shopping, having a good time along the way can make it very enjoyable. 

We charge a moderate office visit fee, as do most physicians for initial consultation.  This one charge includes a second and third visit, if needed.  We use an arbitration agreement based on the recommendations of the California Medical Association that is signed on the first visit.

It would be our pleasure to provide you with as much factual information and assistance as we can. 


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