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General Information

There are many ways of obtaining the information needed. Articles on plastic and cosmetic surgery can be found in magazines and in some books available in the library. The most major disadvantage of these is that they are not specific to the individual needs of each person. A visit to the surgeon can provide more specific information, and that is what we want to do for every person who comes to see us.

Primarily, the surgeon will want to have some idea what it is the person wants to change. Each person has studied his/her own appearance more than anyone else and has usually come to some conclusions that certain areas might need to be improved. The surgeon will therefore ask what the person wants to improve upon, and if possible, what improvements are being considered for surgery.

The person seeking evaluation by the surgeon will ask what can be done, and what the operation would entail in terms of risks, side effects, time, recovery, and costs. It is important to determine in advance as much as possible about the results that can be expected from the surgery and with what accuracy the results can be predicted before deciding to have surgery performed.

The best way of determining what the surgeon is capable of doing (and the accuracy and quality in appearance of the results the surgeon has been able to obtain) is to see before and after color pictures of the surgeon’s results on other people who have had operations similar to the one being considered. All surgeons who take pride in their work will be able to show many examples of their work in photographs if asked.

What the surgeon says can be done is important, but not as important as what he shows can be done. For example, someone may say, "You'll look fantastic or beautiful if you have your nose, eyes, face or whatever done." This is very fine to hear but it is a matter of opinion and not a matter of fact. Whether or not someone is beautiful or not is a matter of opinion.

On the other hand, if you are shown the results of surgeries in good quality or color photographs that depict what can be done by the surgeon, these are facts. You do not need anyone to tell you they are beautiful results, you can see that for yourself. By comparing the results of different surgeons, and speaking to their patients, you can decide which surgeon is most capable of providing you with the best result.

Your choice of surgeon and the goal of the surgery are the two critical choices you have to make that will determine the final result. The best possible result will be your goal and the goal of the surgeon you choose. The goal will be your choice of what looks best in your opinion, which, of course, is the opinion that is the most important.

We can give factual and specific information in five different ways:

1. Talking, explaining, describing and suggesting, etc.

2. Looking in the mirror.

3. Reviewing factual, clear, Before and After pictures.

4. Drawing on your picture using computer photo-editing programs.

5. Drawing on photocopies of your actual photographs.

Specific individual information will be given to each person by looking in the mirror and explaining what can be done and what is suggested for each area in consideration.

Further information will include review of before and after photographs of other persons who have had work done and who have allowed the results of their surgery to be seen.

Each person we see is offered the opportunity to have drawings or sketches done on their own photographs or on the computer screen to allow the person who is contemplating surgery to have an even clearer and more definite goal.

Copies of all the sketches we do may be taken home for study and modification. With the availability of photocopy machines, as many copies and changes of the drawings may be made as desired.

Questions and Answers

How do I know if my appearance can be improved by surgery?

On your first office visit, this question will be discussed and your pictures will be taken, either with a video camera, a regular camera, or both. The changes that can be made are very clearly seen by sketching on your profile.

The drawings on your own pictures show what is possible. Anyone who wants to know what improvements can be made in their appearance should take this opportunity to have their pictures taken and see what can be done.

Many photocopies of the photographs and drawings may be taken home for further study. When you have selected the drawing that is the most attractive for your face and personality, the doctor will know how you want to look.

There are many more questions and answers in each Q&A section for each procedure. For example, under Nose photos, down in the left corner at the bottom of the first page, there is a hyperlink present that says “Questions & Answers” in underlined blue color. A mouse click on those words leads to about twenty or more common questions and answers about nose surgery. 

This is also true for the eyes, face and other areas on this website. 


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