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Our Mission

is the

 Best Result

The result of cosmetic surgery includes all the good and bad consequences of the surgery. We want a beautiful appearance that cannot be surpassed in beauty. We want no undesirable effects such as swelling, distortion, discomfort, scar or any sign that surgery has been done. No artificial appearance in the result.

The best result is not just the best that we have done or can do. It is not just the best that can be done. It is the best that has ever been done or ever will be done. 

For more about results, see The Result.  Also see Principles and Ethics



What is of value?

Most important are people, wisdom, concepts, ideas, imagination, knowledge, science and art. 

And of those people who are most important are parents and family, teachers, friends and the great contributors of wisdom, concepts, science and art. 

All of those people communicated something that was and still is of help to myself and others. 

To communicate ideas that help others is very important and valuable.

The mission of this web site 

The mission of this web site is the communication of experience with cosmetic surgery  for the purpose of helping others .

If only one thing shown or written here can prove to be of aid to a single person, then it is worth the effort.

The place of cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is surgery done for improvement of appearance. Surgery is any invasion of the body for the purpose of improving the function or form.  

Cosmetic surgery includes ancient practices of tattoo, ear piercing and dentistry. 

Cosmetic surgery is grooming. It is secondary to health needs. 

Health comes first. Health needs and concerns take precedence over cosmetic surgery.

Safety is before everything in cosmetic surgery. 

Function comes before form. To be good, the result must be completely natural in function as well as appearance. It is not good to have an attractive nose and not be able to breathe through it. Or big beautiful lips that don’t move normally and cause a lisp. Or beautiful eyes that are red and burning from dryness because they won’t close at night. A face that is beautiful but does not function properly is not acceptable.

People with health problems have cosmetic surgery. Surgery under local anesthesia can be as safe as a visit to a dentist. When it is reasonably safe, people with health problems or disabilities should not be denied any beauty that they desire and can safely have in their lives. Cosmetic surgery can be thought of as similar to putting beautiful flowers on the table. 

Just as flowers appeal to everyone, so should a beautiful face. A beautiful result is beautiful to everyone, not just those “in the know”. Not just the sophisticated, educated, intelligent people. A beautiful result should appeal to everyone, from children to the elderly. Everyone of every race, creed, culture, ethnic group or country of origin.

Why do people do it? They want to be loved. Almost all of us want to look the best we can. The same applies when people seek the services/products of all the cosmetic industry and many other items such as clothes, perfumes, straight white teeth, etc. And grooming is an important aspect of cars, homes, mates etc.  

Many persons make looking good an art in itself. And they can be so successful at being beautiful that they are like flowers. These such people may be models or movie stars or our next door neighbors.  And this is a talent and skill just as much as all the other art forms, including music and literature. Some are so good at looking good that they are very well paid for doing so. 

Beauty can be very powerful, as it was with the case of Helen of Troy – ‘The face that launched a thousand ships’.

It seems easier for children to have the kind of beauty that appeals to everyone. Unmarred youth and youthful innocence are widely admired throughout all cultures and art. No makeup and much less grooming is required for them to achieve their natural beauty. But time takes its toll, and only a lucky few over thirty can look like teenagers or younger.

When we know a person, their appearance is not as important compared to their character. That is why we have utmost value and respect for people like Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, the other Nobel prize winners, as well as our teachers, friends and relatives - no matter what their appearance may be.

Our goal

The goal of our office is to achieve the best result for every patient. This means achieving the most attractive possible results and the fastest recovery; the most benefit and the least harm. 

It helps to have drawings of the face to allow a person to choose the appearance that is most attractive. When the most beautiful drawings have been done and chosen as the goal, we want our results to achieve and exceed the attractiveness in the drawings. 

The results of cosmetic surgery should be attractive and pleasing to everyone. The experience of surgery and recovery should be a pleasant one. A result that is appreciated and loved is considered beautiful. A perfectly beautiful result is our goal. 

The best result also includes the least swelling, bruising and discomfort possible and the most rapid recovery. See Results Questionnaire  for our patient's opinions. 

The history of cosmetic surgery

Almost all surgery is partly cosmetic. The surgeon who makes and closes any incision has a cosmetic consideration to account for. 

If cosmetic surgery procedures include tattoo and ear piercing, then cosmetic procedures like these have been performed for more than 5000 years. Ear piercing was performed by the Babylonians, the civilization with the first developed writing system (the Cuneiform of Mesopotamia, which dates back 5,500 years ago). There are 30,000 Cuneiform tablets that refer to the healing arts. The 282 codes of Hammurabi of 4000 years ago have the first known laws pertaining to the practice of surgery. (Surgery - I. M. Rutkow)

Many Egyptian papyruses 3500 years old describe advanced Egyptian knowledge of medicine and surgery and of what can be treated and what cannot. The oldest depiction of surgery is an Egyptian 4,500 year-old wall relief sculpture depicting a circumcision procedure.  King Tutankhamen of 3,500 years ago had his ears pierced, as did many others before him in Egypt and Mesopotamia. 

The 5,000 year-old Ice-Man found in the alps was declared to be European and has a tattoo on his back. The first recorded, really advanced surgery for improvement of appearance was the replacement of the nose with a flap of tissue from the forehead performed in India 4,000 years ago. 

The procedures we do today such as face-lift, eyelid, and nose surgery were begun right at the end of the 1800s and beginning of the 1900s. 

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