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Pros and Cons

How to Make The Right Choice



Whenever we are considering doing something, whether it's cosmetic surgery or buying a television set, what we want to weigh in the scales of balance is the benefit versus the costs. 

To make the right decision we need enough information about each side of the scales of balance.

Once the information has been obtained and is thoroughly digested, the correct decision can come from the heart.

Many times we are on the fence about a decision simply because the scales of balance are about equal and one side does not outweigh the other.

In cosmetic surgery, unless there is an overwhelming preponderance of benefit over the costs and of the reward over the risks, the person should not choose to have it done.

THE ADVANTAGES (or the benefit, reward, etc.):

For cosmetic surgery, it is necessary to determine what the goal is to be before the pros and cons can be estimated.

To have any idea what the benefits will be, we must have some idea what the goal is. This requires a careful analysis of the person’s features for the purpose of developing the goal that provides the maximum improvement with the least amount of surgery. 

The benefit is visible as the goal if the goal is a drawing or several drawings in several views. 

The before picture is the print of the face without any drawing, and the after is the drawing that is the chosen goal. So, a person with a goal drawing can see the before and after appearances before the surgery is done. The benefits are fairly clear and obvious. 

THE DISADVANTAGES (or the risks, hazards and negative consequences):

On the other side, the disadvantages include the cost in time off from activities, the amount of bruising, the amount of discomfort, and the risks and hazards. We want to make this as easy as possible for anyone doing it, but before you decide what is best for you to do, you need to know what the recovery period is and as nearly as possible what you are going to go through.

One way of letting a person know what it is going to be like to have surgery is by describing it to them and showing them pictures of people in various stages of recovery. The best way, however, is by offering to let them talk to people who have been through the same sort of operation a short time before. This way, the person considering surgery can get it straight from someone who has experienced it, and ask them what it is like and how they felt during recovery.


How close to the goal can we come with the surgery?

The most factual answer to this question is, “How close did we come in the past?” From all the befores and afters you will have been shown, you will be invited to see the sketches and drawings of any you would like, and then you can decide how close we have been able to come to the goal with the results of the surgery.


When all the information has been obtained and thoroughly considered, we will want to measure in the scales of balance the advantages on one side and the disadvantages on the other.

Once you can see for yourself that 1.) the probabilities of substantial rewards of doing something with cosmetic surgery far outweigh the potential hazards and discomforts on the other side, and 2.) it is greatly to your advantage to have something done,  then you may decide you want to do it.

But let us be sure that your goals and our goals in whatever cosmetic changes we are making are the same and also that they are as maximally beneficial to you as possible.

For each person, we want to help find what is for them the biggest bang for their buck, and that is the choice of the maximum benefit with the least amount of surgery and recovery.



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