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The Result

The result of cosmetic surgery includes the look and the feel when it is all done. The result is both the good and the bad. A person can look good and not feel well or feel well but not look good. All these can and do occur. This is a part of what we want to answer and show with this web site. 

On the good side, we want to show how beautiful the results can be and how safe, easy, and comfortable surgery can be. 

Was it comfortable, easy and free of pain? And is the result more beautiful than was expected or than one could have hoped for? 

Or was the experience disabling in appearance and in level of discomfort? Did the surgery or anesthesia cause sickness with nausea and vomiting? Was hospitalization necessary? Was it a terribly upsetting and miserable experience that would not be wished on anyone? Was this an experience that would not have been done, had the results been known ahead of time? 

Wouldn't it be nice if we could know the odds of good or bad results? We would be made aware of the percentage of patients who have had nausea or vomiting due to the surgery or anesthesia. Or, the percentage who are pleased or displeased with the surgery or the cosmetic result. These answers could certainly help a person make the right decision and with no regrets. 

This information, along with the before and after pictures, can help a lot in deciding whether to have something done. We could find out the complication rate and the success rate, and the gain versus the pain. It is the surgeon’s responsibility to provide safety with maximum gain and little or no pain. The maximum benefit with the least cost. 

The incidence of all the common complications such as infection, bleeding, blood clots (hematoma), prolonged bruising, bruising in general, distorting swelling, nausea and vomiting, and the more serious complications such as strokes and heart attacks, illnesses requiring hospitalization, and mortality should all be known for each procedure and each surgeon.  

Wouldn’t it be great if all that information were available to the consumer?  A really informed decision could then be made. 

We provide all that information from the thousands of procedures performed. Here in this web site there is some information, and even more through our office. Most of that information regarding the good and bad sides of results is shown here on the web site. But please contact us if there are any unanswered questions. 

Our before and after pictures show our results. And, we will share with you the post-anesthesia experiences, results questionnaires, and the compiled comments and answers to all these questions from thousands of previous procedures.

All patients are given these questionnaires, and almost all complete them for our study. None are excluded from our records. 

Avoiding Problems

There are problems that frequently occur, but can be avoided. 

For Nose surgery:

1. Making external incisions, especially the one across the little column used for an open rhinoplasty.

2. Doing too much or too little.

For face and cheek surgery:

1. Failing to eliminate the cheek folds.

2. Making conspicuous incisions in front of the ear.

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