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Peel from Laser or Chemical - Plus Surgery


These three pictures below show that all wrinkles can be removed.

We have thousands more like this.



Most of the persons that are shown in the sections of faces and eyes in the index below had some laser or chemical peel in addition to the face and /or eye surgery.


The patient above had some peeling done. By clicking face in the index below and looking at those who have day by day progress pictures.


Many results are presented with photos taken each day showin the areas peeled, the recovery and the resuilts to determine what type of peel is better for an individual, a test area can be done.


We have studied the effects of peel with many different lasers and chemicals such as the CO2 lasers, TCA (tricholoroacetic acid), alpha hydroxy acid and retinoic acid type of peels for many years and can offer these to our patietns with many variations custom designed for each person's wishes and needs.


The most effective and predictable peeling agent we have found for removal of fine lines and wrinkles to be based on the chemical phenol. We have used it since 1972 on a daily basis in many thousands of cases.






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