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Sunday, January 13, 2002 5:01 PM

Here is a question received from email:

Question: "I want full lips but I am not sure. Thank you for all your information."


There are better ways to make the lips what we want them to be than just by making them fuller. 

Some lifting can be done. I would like to explain this to you. It can make lips more full or not. It is adjustable and reversible and the fullness can be added a little at a time as desired.

Fuller is easy. But doing so can result in a duck look or can cause the lips to obscure the teeth while smiling if done without lifting.


This blonde girl on the lip page has Gore-Tex implants with no lift. The teeth still show, and she has been happy for about 3 years. She is on the lips pages of our web site.



This young man has had a lip lift with no implant at all. All of this patient’s full size pictures are in the office, and you may click on the pictures to enlarge the images. You may also see him in the lips section of this website.

This patient’s lip procedure is different from one that just makes the lips fuller; there is actually a lift involved. The upper lip was actually shortened and given more curve. All of this is a matter of choice and can be designed according to each person’s preference. 

Optimally, when using fillers like silicone, lip fullness can be added a little at a time so as not to do too much and to make sure you can get it “just right”.

With a combination of these techniques (lifting, shortening, curving, silicone or other filler injection, etc.), we should be able to create lips that you and everyone will like.

As usual, you can feel free to design them yourself.

Just draw the lips you want on your photos and send them to me and consider it done.

Thank you for your question.

William Morgan, M.D., F.A.C.S.  


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